Where employees are involved in roles which expose them to a high level of stress and trauma it is important for employers to protect health and wellbeing of their workers.

Pre-employment screening is helpful in ensuring that applicants are psychologically fit and resilient. Pre-employment screening uses a number of well established and reliable screening tools to measure levels of anxiety, depression, burnout, traumatic stress and compassion fatigue.  

An increasing number of organisations including: police, ambulance, fire & rescue, education, social services, humanitarian and youth organisations are using this facility to ensure that they appoint the right people and provide an appropriate level of support for their employees in high-risk roles.

Before considering introducing pre-employment screening it is important for the organisation to undertake a role risk assessment for each of the roles under consideration. The role risk assessment enables the organisation to identify which roles require screening. The initial screening tool which is administered on-line checks clinical symptoms, coping skills and levels of resilience.